frequently asked questions

Q: Are we able to validate parking?

A: Unfortunately we cannot validate parking for you. The airport is responsible for charging for parking we do not have anything to do with the parking lots.

Q: Are we associated with Frontier or the airport in any way?

A: Frontier is a commercial airline and we do not have any affiliation with them. The airport is county property in which we lease our space.

Q: Can you take food through security?

A: Yes. You are able to take any kind of food or snack you purchase at our restaurant through security with you. However no liquids are allowed through. You would have to purchase a drink at our downstairs concession area in order to bring it onto the plane.

Q: Can I take my alcoholic beverage onto the plane?

A: NO! Our liquor license does not allow alcohol purchased in our area to be taken out of our designated area.

Q: Do you know any information about my flight?

A: Yes and no. We do not work for the airline or WFS, however, our bartenders and servers communicate with WFS employees and also have apps on our phones to track flight status. Our number one priority is to serve the customers but if any server has down time we would certainly look up your flight status for you.

Q: Are we able to come in for food and drinks if we are not flying?

A: Yes. You do not need to be flying out to come to the restaurant. In fact if you are dropping people off it is a perfect place to sit and see them off.